SMart Motion

Our upholstered electric riser reclining chairs aren’t just carefully developed and handmade to excellence...
Our mechanisms are fitted with our very own SMart Motion
( trademark)technology.
Our Near silent motors make Sitting Pretty recliner chairs smooth and extremely comfortable and very easy to operate.
Across all of our 5 sizes of single and dual motor electric riser recliners our SMart Motion®ď¸motors will take you from any raised or reclined position and stop at the seated position with no added reset buttons on the handsets.
Our single motor version also has a TV position stop on its recline cycle, Once you recline the chair it will stop mid way at a point which would be ideal for watching TV or just a gentle afternoon snooze . Just simply press again for a full recline.
Our hand controls are so simple to use and all come with blue backlit buttons and all are fitted with a USB port for mobile phone and tablet charging.
With our chairs there’s no confusion when returning to a seated chair, our motors will automatically stop at an armchair position.

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