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Lift & Recliner Chairs

Here at Sitting Pretty we offer only the very best in British engineered rise and recliner technology, each mechanism provides comfort in different ways so it’s very important to understand the benefits of each mechanism before you choose your chair or bed.

Single Motor (Tilt in Space)

The very best in british designed technology, this mechanism provides a wonderfully smooth recline and is not like any other “Single Motor” chairs. The back angle to seat never changes (fixed) on the recline providing no shear on the back and is ideal for anyone who suffers with back & hip problems, also comes with a higher foot elevation, again good for circulation.

Dual motor

The Smooth Dual operation chairs quite simply offer Independance of the back from the footrest, giving you the option to find that perfect sitting or relaxing position. Also available (Spring 2015) is a option of having a memory function on the handset (see picture) a very useful function which allows you to take the chair to your preferred comfortable position, simply recline your chair to your most favoured and comfortable position and store in the memory facility (see description) also on the Dual motor chairs, all handsets have the Reset function, this takes the chair to a standard sitting position from any reclined or lifted position instantly by the touch of one button. Other mechanisms are available upon request on our Riser recliners. Such as space saver single motor Wallhuggers or Dual motor tilt in space. Please call for any information on these mechanisms. 

Manual chairs
All our manual recliners are based on the space saver wallhugger movement. These mechanisms once reclined by pulling on the black clip (pictured) releases the footplate and with a gentle push backwards on the arm rest the back will recline whilst the whole chair moves forward away from the wall, this mechanism only needs 6”clearance from the wall.

Power recliner chairs
Our power recliners have the same space saver mechanisms as the manual recliner chairs, only needed 6" from the wall you can operate this chair with a touch of a button

Adjustable Beds
Our slatted 5 folded mechanisms are available with our standard Baseline Handsets (pictured) allowing you to find that perfect position in bed wether you prefer to sleep head slightly raised or feet up. Our beds quite simply provide a host of comfortable positions by the touch of a button (see diagrams for operation).

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